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1970 Skeds

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1970 Skeds to TRADE (BASEBALL – NL, AL, PCL, etc pocket schedules 1970-1979)

(6)1979Atlanta Braves (info)
1979Boston Red Sox (TV 38)
1979California Angels (KMPC)
1979Chicago White Sox (special events)
1979Cincinnati Reds (Marathon)
1979Detroit Tigers (Tiger Fan Club)
(2)1979Houston Astros (Houston Chronicle)
(2)1979Iowa Oaks (Vic Young)
1979Los Angeles Dodgers (Union Oil)
(2)1979Milwaukee Brewers (Mautz Paint)
1979Minnesota Twins (Visa + Master Card)
1979New York Yankees – Extra Large (Delta)
1979New York Yankees – Extra Large (Manufacturers Hanover)
1979Oakland A’s (Bank of California)
1979Oakland A’s (Courtesy of E Bercovich)
1979Philadelphia Phillies (7 Eleven)
1979Philadelphia Phillies (Acme)
(2)1979Philadelphia Phillies (Gino’s)
(2)1979Philadelphia Phillies (Girard Bank)
1979San Diego Padre (Home Federal)
1979Texas Rangers (Dallas Morning News)
1979Toronto Blue Jays (Canadian Imperial Bank)
1979Winstom-Salem (Travel Host)
(2)1978California Angels (JC Penney)
1978California Angels (Chevron)
(2)1978Cincinnati Reds (Marathon)
1978Detroit Tigers (Track the Tigers)
(2)1978Houston Astros (Houston Chronicle)
(2)1978Iowa Oaks (Vic Young)
(4)1978Los Angeles Dodgers (Union Oil)
1978Medicine Hat Blue Jays (E & S Meats)
1978Milwaukee Brewers (Master Card)
1978Minnesota Twins (Visa + Master Card)
1978New York Mets (Daitrylea)
1978NL Schedule – Booklet
1978Philadelphia Phillies (Tastycake)
1978San Diego Padres (Home Federal)
1978San Franciso Giants (BOA)
1978Toronto Blue Jays (Transit)
1977Boston Red Sox (Stars)
1977California Angels (KMPC + LB Ball on front)
(2)1977Detroit Tigers (It’s a Hit)
1977Detroit Tigers (WWJ-TV)
(3)1977Houston Astros (Houston Chronicle)
1977Kansas City Royals (Midland CB)
(2)1977Los Angeles Dodgers (Union Oil)
1977Oakland A’s (Bank of California)
1977Pittsburgh Pirates (Dollar Bank)
1977Spokane Indians (Great Western Savings)
1977Tucson Toros (El Con Center)
1976Detroit Tigers (City National Bank)
1976Detroit Tigers (Osmun’s)
1976Houston Astros (Houston Chronicle)
(4)1976Milwaukee Brewers (Master Card)
1976Milwaukee Brewers (Sears Die Hard)
(4)1975Houston Astros (Houston Chronicle)
1974Houston Astros (Houston Chronicle)
1974Salt Lake Angels (Ideal National)
1974Syracuse Chiefs – card (Ononda Savings Bank)
1974Toledo Mud Hens (Bob Eddy Buick)

1970 Skeds to TRADE (BASKETBALL – pocket schedules 1970-1979)

1979-80Boston Celtics (Busch)
1979-80Chicago Bulls (Gilmore #53)
1978-79Cleveland Cavaliers (Richfield)
1978-79Milwaukee Does (Pabst on front)
1978-79Montana Sky (Coors)
1978-79Portland Trailblazers (Thriftway on front)
1977-78Indiana Pacers (Pabst)
(2)1977-78Portland Trailblazers (Equitable on front)
1976-77Houston Rockets (Pearl Beer)
1976-77Milwakee Bucks (Master Card on front)
1976-77New York Nets (VIP International Travel)
1976-77Portland Trailblazers (Equitable on front)
1976-77Washington Bullets (Turborg)
1975-76New York Knicks (Master Card on front)
1975-76New York Nets (VIP International Travel)
1975-76Portland Trailblazers (Equitable on front)
1975-76Washington Bullets (Black Label)
1974-75Detroit Pistons (Carling Sports Black Label)
1974-75Memphis Sounds (Wimmer Brothers)
1974-75New York Nets (VIP International Travel)
1974-75Portland Trailblazers (First Natlional Bank of Oregon on front)
1974-75Spirits of St Louis (Falstaff on front)
1973-74Portland Trailblazers (First National Bank of Oregon on front)
1973-74Utah Stars (Ideal National on front)
(3)1970-71Pittsburgh Condors (ticket info)

1970 Skeds to TRADE (FOOTBALL – NFL, college, etc pocket schedules 1970-1979)

1979Atlanta Falcons – card (Crown)
1979Chicago Bears – card (Pabst)
(2)1979Chicago Bears – card (Uniroyal)
1979Cleveland Browns – card (Genesee)
1979Denver Broncos – card (Pre-Season)
1979Denver Broncos – Tall tan (Sir Speedy Inside)
1979Detroit Lions (Ski-doo)
1979Green Bay Packers – card (Vickers)
(3)1979Green Bay Packers & UW Badgers (American Family)
1979Green Bay Packers & UW Badgers (Agent stamp on front) (American Family)
1979Kansas City Chiefs (Kansas City Life)
1979Los Angeles Rams (Red Wing Shoe)
1979New York Giants – card (First National State)
1979Philadelphia Eagles – card (Household Finance)
1979Pittsburgh Steelers – card (El Verso)
1979Southern Methodist – card (Twin Cities Inn)
1979St Louis Cardinals – card + STL Cards and MO Tigers (KMOX)
1979Tampa Bay Buccaneers – card (Sandpiper Resorts)
1979Univ of Rochester – card (Chevrolet)
1979Washington Redskins – card (WMAL)
1978Atlanta Falcons – card (Delta)
1978Chicago Bears – card (WBBM/CBS)
1978Cincinnati Bengals (Hudepohl Beer)
1978Green Bay Packers – card (Durkee’s)
1978Kansas City Chiefs – card (81/KCMO)
1978Kansas City Chiefs – card (Kansas City Life)
1978Minnesota Vikings – card (Pro Central + Pro Fan Attic)
(6)1978NFL (United Way)
1978New York Giants – card (First National State)
1978Pittsburgh Steelers – card (El Verso)
1978San Franciso 49ers – card (Golden West + BOA)
(3)1978Seattle Seahawks – card (Chevron)
1977Atlanta Falcons – card (Delta)
(2)1977Detroit Lions (Olsonite)
1977Kansas City Chiefs – card (81/KCMO)
1977Los Angeles Rams (Chevron)
(2)1977Miami Dolphins – card (Chrysler-Plymouth)
1977NFL (United Way)
1977St Louis Cardinals – card (KMOX)
1977Tampa Bay Buccaneers – card (Frischs)
(2)1976Los Angeles Rams (Chevron)
1976NFL (United Way)
1976Oakland Raiders (PSA)
(2)1975Chicago Winds (McCormick Inn)
1975Chicago Winds (CTA)
1975Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, etc (Robinson)
1975Jacksonville Express (Delta)
(15)1971Philadelphia Eagles (Girard Bank)
1971Temple University (Info)

1970 Skeds to TRADE (HOCKEY – pocket schedules 1970-1979)

1979-80Atlanta Flames and Hawks (Delta front)
1978-79Chicago Blackhawks (Illinois Bell on inside)
1978-79Milwaukee Admirals (Visa & Master Charge)
1978-79Toledo Goal Diggers (Bob Schmidt)
(2)1977-78Boston Bruins (Schlitz)
1977-78Cleveland Barons (Centran Bamk)
1977-78Washington Capitals (Eastern Airlines)
1976-77New York Rangers and Knicks (Manufacturers Hanover on Inside)
1974-75Detroit Red Wings (Olsonite Corporation)
1974-75Washington Capitals (Turborg Beer)

1970 Skeds to TRADE (HOCKEY WHA – pocket schedules 1972-1979)

1978-79Cincinnati Stingers (Central Trust Co)
(2)1978-79Indiana Racers (AMC)
1978-79New England Whalers (Civic Center Shops)
1978-79Quebec Nordiques (O’Keefe)
1977-78Birmingham Bulls (Golden Flake – Tall)
(2)1977-78Cincinnati Stingers (Sentry)
1977-78Cincinnati Stingers (Wiedemann Beer)
1977-78Houston Aeros (Coors)
(3)1977-78Indiana Racers (AMC)
1977-78New England Whalers (Civic Center Shops)
1976-77WHA Schedule and Statistics (Avco Cup – Extra Large)
1975-76Quebec Nordiques (O’Keefe)
1975-76Toronto Toros (O’Keefe)
1974-75Michigan Stags (Cobo Hall)
1974-75New York Raiders (Passport Scotch – Extra Large REPRINT)
1973-74Jersey Knights (Winner Ford – Card)
1972-73Philadelphia Blazers (Schmidt’s – Card)
1972-73Philadelphia Blazers (Large Yellow paper)

1970 Skeds to TRADE (SOCCER – NASL pocket schedules 1970-1979)

1979Detroit Express (Bonanza)
1979Detroit Express (Felice)
1979Memphis Rogues (Wrangler)
1979Pennsylvania Stoners – card (Lehigh Litho)
(2)1979Seattle Sounders (Seattle Times)
1977Team Hawaii (Aloha + Budget)


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