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    Sports memorabilia items to TRADE. See my WANTED list or will SELL based on EBAY sales

    Email [email protected] for additional details

    TRADE SKEDS (Pocket schedules that are not listed below)

    Many1970-1989Many major / minor / college sports

    TRADE SKEDS (1900-1969 pocket schedules)

    1964-65College Basketball 6 Doubleheaders (Wilson)
    1963-64College Basketball 6 Doubleheaders (Wilson)
    1963-64NHL Final Stats
    1962-63NHL Final Stats
    (2)1958Chicago Cardinals (small card)
    1957-58NHL Final Stats
    1956Football NFL & Colleges (Standard Accident Insurance)
    1956-57Hockey Schedule (Esso)
    1955-56Hockey Schedule (Esso)
    1954Chicago Cardinals (Lytons)
    1953Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1951Football (Brown-Furman)
    1951-52Hockey Schedule (Esso)
    1951Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1950Chicago Cubs (Portis Hats)
    1950-51College Basketball Doubleheaders (Pepsi)
    1950Football (Brown-Furman)
    1950Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1949Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1948Football Schedule (Shell)
    1948Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1947Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1946Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1945Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1941Football Schedule (Standard Service Man)
    1941Western Football (Tide Water Oil)
    1941Finger Tip Football Schedule (Shell)
    1940Associated Football Schedule (Tide Water Oil)
    1939Associated Football Schedule (Tide Water Oil)
    1928-29University of Chicago Basketball

    TRADE SKEDS (Pocket schedules with Inaugural on front/back)

    (3)??-??New Haven Knights (promo calendar)
    (50)11-12Chicago Express ECHL card
    (9 )11-12Chicago Express ECHL Logo
    09Chicago Red Stars (Soccer WPSL)
    07Chicago Shamrox (Lacrosse America)
    07Slippery Rock Sliders (Frontier League)
    (43)06-07Chicago Hounds card (Sears Centre)
    (64)06-07Chicago Hounds logo (The Assembly)
    (05)05Chicago Bandits (pepsi)
    05Lancaster Barnstormers
    05Long Beach Armada (basball)
    05Sarasota Reds (fla state league)
    05Washington Nationals (MLB)
    04-05Indiana Ice (ushl)
    04-05Topeka Tarantulas (chl)
    04-05Michigan Mayhem (cba)
    (5)04-05Victoria Salmon Kings
    (25)04Clearwater Thresers (Yellow book)
    (5)03-04Colorado Eagles (CHL)
    (3)03-04Columbus Stars (CSHL)
    (7)03Cincinnati Reds (MLB)
    (2)03Gary Southshore Railcats (Northern League)
    (7)03Niagra Stars
    (6)02-03Binghampton Senators (Bud)
    02-03Cape Fear Fire Antz (ACHL)
    02Aberdeen Ironbirds
    02Detroit Lions – Ford Field
    (4)02Joliet Jackhammers (Info)
    (4)02Joliet Jackhammers (Tobacco)
    02Washington Wild Things (Highmark BCBS)
    01Brooklyn Cyclones
    (2)01Chicago Rush (AFL)
    01Detroit Fury (AFL)
    01Gateway Grizzles
    01Lakewood Blueclaws (Bud)
    01Shreveport Swamp Dragons (MLB AA)
    00Dayton Dragons
    00Detroit Tigers (MLB Comerica Park)
    00Memphis Redbirds
    00Sacramento River Cats
    99Altoona Curve
    99Mahoning Valley Scrappers
    (5)98Chicago Fire (ATT)
    (2)98Chicago Fire (Schedule)
    98Chicago Fire (Kick & Subway)
    98Atlantic City Surf (Bud)
    98Tampa Bay Devil Rays (GTE) MLB
    98Tampa Bay Devil Rays ( MLB
    (2)98-99Grand Rapids Bear Cats (Miller)
    97-98Monroe Moccasins (hockey)
    97Orlando Wahoos
    96-97Grand Rapids Griffins (IHL)
    95-96Solar Ice Bears (IHL)
    95Norwich Navigators
    (4)95Rockford Cubbies
    95Rockford Cubbies (NO Inaugural on front)
    95St Louis Rams (TWA)
    (2)95St Louis Rams (Boatmen)
    94-95Chicago Rockers (CBA/NBA)
    94-95Chicago Wolves (IHL)
    94Brainerd Bears
    94Hudson Valley Renegades
    94New Haven Ravens
    (12)94Trenton Thunder (White cover)
    94Trenton Thunder (Black cover)
    94Winnipeg Goldeyes
    93Florida Marlins (MLB)
    92Arizona Fall League
    (2)92Phoenix Firebird

    TRADE MAGS (Magnetic schedules – Various that are not listed below)

    (2 banker boxes)1990-91 to 2004-05Hockey
    (25 total)1990-91 to 2005-06Basketball
    (57 total)1992 – 2007Football
    (57 total)1992 – 2005Baseball
    2001Lacrosse – Boston Cannons
    (2)2002Harness Racing – Balmoral
    1995Dog Racing – Geneva Lakes
    2003Men/Women Tennis – Regon Ducks
    2004MLS Soccer – MLS Broadcast Schedule

    TRADE MAGS (Magnetic schedules)

    2005 Chicago Bears (Staples training camp)
    2004 Chicago Bears Combo mag with Illinois, Northwestern, Northern, Notre Dame (Mon Ngt FB)
    2004 Chicago Bears (Matts Sports Cards)
    2002 Chicago Bears (WBBM 780 Country Insurance)
    2001 Chicago Bears (Nicor)
    2000 Chicago Bears (Toyota, WBBM 780)
    (4)2000 Chicago Bears (Country Insurance, WBBM 780)
    (2)1999 Chicago Bears (Toyota)
    (3)1998 Chicago Bears (Wmaq 670, Gemcraft)
    (2)1998 Chicago Bears (Wmaq 670 & Chevrolet)
    1998 Chicago Bears (Wmaq 670 & Country Insurance)
    1997 Chicago Bears (Wmaq 670 pre game show)
    (3)1997 Chicago Bears (Toyota & Wmaq 670)
    1993 Chicago Bears (Budweiser)
    (2)2003-04Chicago Blackhawks (Mountain Dew)
    2002-03Chicago Blackhawks (Mountain Dew)
    (2)1995-96Chicago Bulls (Cub’s Tap)
    (2)2005Chicago Cubs Spring Training (US Bank)
    (2)2004Chicago Cubs (Chicago Tribune)
    2003Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    2001Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    2000Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (3)1999Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    1999Chicago Cubs (Cub’s Tap)
    (4)1998Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (2)1998Chicago Cubs (Cub’s Tap)
    (2)1997Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (2)1996Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (2)1995Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (2)1995Chicago Cubs (Cub’s Tap)
    1994Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (2)1993Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    1992Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    1991Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    (2)1990Chicago Cubs (Old Style)
    1998Chicago Fire (Fox)
    (56)2011-12Chicago Express (ECHL – Athletico / Daily Herald)
    2002-03Chicago Freeze (Pepsi)
    1999-00Chicago Freeze (Bud Light & AGHS)
    1997-98Chicago Freeze (Coca Cola & AGHS)
    1995-96Chicago Rockers (North Oak / WJYS)
    2005Chicago Rush (white Pepsi)
    2003Chicago Rush (877.rush.tix)
    2002 Chicago Rush (Pespi)
    (4)2000-01Chicago Steel (no ad)
    2005Chicago White Sox (Pepsi)
    2003Chicago White Sox (US Cellular)
    2002Chicago White Sox (Pepsi)
    2001Chicago White Sox (Pepsi)
    2001Chicago White Sox (Primeco)
    2000Chicago White Sox (Coca Cola)
    1998Chicago White Sox (Gemcraft)
    (2)1998Chicago White Sox (Coca Cola)
    1997Chicago White Sox (Coca Cola)
    1996Chicago White Sox (Coca Cola)
    1992Chicago White Sox (Coca Cola)
    1991Chicago White Sox (Gatorade)
    1989Chicago White Sox (WMAQ 67)
    (3)2004-05 Chicago Wolves (pepsi)
    2003-04 Chicago Wolves (pepsi)
    (14)2002-03 Chicago Wolves (Coca Cola, pepsi)
    (4)2001-02 Chicago Wolves Inaugural AHL (Coca Cola)
    (6)2000-01 Chicago Wolves (Coca Cola)
    (3)1999-00 Chicago Wolves (Coca Cola)
    (8)1997-98 Chicago Wolves (Media One, Coca-Cola)
    (2)1996-97 Chicago Wolves (Coca Cola)
    (3)1995-96 Chicago Wolves (Powerade)
    1994-95 Chicago Wolves Innaugural (Checkers, Media One)
    1997Daytona Cubs (bell south & more)
    2003Kane County Cougars (large
    (3)1997Kane County Cougars (connies pizza)
    1995Kane County Cougars (connies pizza)
    1995Rockford Cubbies Inaugural (Oldies 95.3 & WIFR 23)
    (20)2008-09 Rockford Ice Hogs (FOX 39)
    2003-04 Rockford Ice Hogs (Stanley Steemer)
    2002-03 Rockford Ice Hogs (Winchester Homes)
    2008Schaumburg Flyers (National City)
    (2)2003Schaumburg Flyers (Fifth Third Bank)
    2002Schaumburg Flyers (country crock)
    2001Schaumburg Flyers (
    (2)2000Schaumburg Flyers (Accurate Personnel)
    (2)1999Schaumburg Flyers Innaugural (Accurate Personnel)
    (3)1996Will County Cheetahs (Miller)

    TRADE MAGS (Magnetic schedules with Inaugural)

    (3)2004-05Motor City Mechanics (Shooters)
    2004San Diego Padres (Oggi’s)
    2003Cincinnati Reds (Fox Sports Net)
    2003Spartansburg Stingers (Metro Beat)
    (4)2002-03Port Huron Beacons (McDonalds)
    2002-03Williams Lake Timberwolves (Cariboo GM)
    2001Brooklyn Cyclones (Pepsi)
    (2)2001Milwaukee Brewers (Edy’s)
    (2)2001-02Cleveland Barons (Ticketmaster)
    (42)2000-01Chicago Express Innaugural (Athletico with Daily Herald)
    2000-01Norfolk Admirals (McDomnalds)
    1998Tampa Bay Devil Rays (St Pete Times)
    1998-99Colorado Gold Kings (Doubletree & more)
    1998-99Bakersfield Condors (AM 1230 KGEO)
    1997Zephyrs (Miller Life)
    1996-97Nashville Nighthawks (Coca Cola)
    1995-96San Francisco Spiders (Cellular One)
    1995Motor City Mustangs (Mac & Ray’s)
    1994-95St Louis Blues Kiel Center Inaugural (Busch)
    1993-94Florida Panthers (Arnold)


    2009Arlington Park Horse Racing (no skeds)
    (2)Generic Chicago Bears (no skeds)
    2011-12 Chicago Bulls (no skeds)
    (3)Generic Chicago Express with skeds 2011-12
    Generic Chicago Rush (no skeds)
    (2)Generic Chicago Storm with skeds 2006-07
    2003Chicago White Sox (no skeds)
    (2)Generic Elgin Racers with skeds 2007
    Generic Kane County Cougars with skeds 2007
    Generic Kane County Cougars with skeds 2006
    GenericKane County Cougars (no skeds)
    (5)GenericRockford IceHogs (no skeds)


    Thousands1930-2022Chicago Blackhawks (base, inserts, graded – email wants)

    Sports memorabilia items to TRADE. See my WANTED list or will SELL based on EBAY sales

    Email [email protected] for additional details


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