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Why go to sports card shows?

  • Find rare and valuable sports cards, sports memorabilia, game cards and more that are not found online or in stores.
  • Save money on shipping, taxes and fees.
  • Meet and socialize with other collectors and make new friends.
  • Support your local businesses and economy.


    Sunday, February 4, 2024

    Next shows: March 3, 2024, April 7, 2024,
    May 5, 2024, June 2, 2024, July 14, 2024, August 4, 2024,
    September 1, 2024, October 6, 2024, November 3, 2024, Dec 1, 2024

    Schaumburg Card Show

    Schaumburg Card Show dealers have sports cards for all sports, sports memorabilia, game cards and much more.

    Place: Schaumburg Hyatt Regency, 1800 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg, Illinois, 60173

    Info: Directly across from Woodfield Mall and Olive Garden

    Hours: 8am – 2pm

    Admission Cost: Free

    Parking: Free

    Tables: 75+

    Dealer table cost and more info: Joe Slusarz at 630-362-4511

    Former name: Rolling Meadows Sports Card Show


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