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Chicago Blackhawks 2024 NHL Draft – Speed kills!

The Chicago Blackhawks had a total of eight picks in the 2024 NHL Draft and these are the details of the selected players:

Artyom Levshunov – Defenseman: Levshunov was selected 2nd overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • Artyom Levshunov Scouting Report:
  • Offensive Threat: Levshunov is an offensive dynamo. He transitioned seamlessly to the NCAA, playing for Michigan State University, where he’s scoring just under a point per game. His ability to lead rushes and create zone entries sets him apart.
  • Skating and Mobility: He’s a solid skater with lateral mobility, allowing him to manipulate passing lanes and shape shots through traffic.
  • Defensive Progress: While his defensive game was initially shaky, Levshunov has gained experience defending well against higher-level competition. His defensive play will likely determine his ultimate value in the NHL.

Sacha Boisvert – Center: Boisvert was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks with the No. 18 pick in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • Sacha Boisvert Scouting Report:
  • Goal-Scoring Prowess: Boisvert leans more toward being a goal scorer than a playmaker. His ability to find the back of the net has caught the attention of scouts.
  • Creative Off the Rush: As the season progressed, Boisvert became more creative off the rush. His playmaking skills improved, making him a versatile offensive threat.
  • Stick Skills: He possesses a great stick in tight spaces, allowing him to make plays close to his body. This skill is crucial for creating scoring opportunities.
  • Elusiveness: Boisvert is elusive when coming off the wall and maneuvering around the crease. His agility and ability to find open ice make him a dangerous forward.
  • Ice Time: Averaging over 18 minutes of ice time per game in Muskegon, Boisvert has been a key contributor for his team.

Marek Vanacker – Winger: Vanacker was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks with the No. 27 pick in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • Marek Vanacker Scouting Report:
  • Two-Way Play: Vanacker’s high hockey IQ allows him to impact both ends of the ice.
  • Defensively: he disrupts opponents and excels in shorthanded situations (tied for second-most shorthanded goals in the OHL this season).
  • Offensively: he creates plays with his playmaking abilities.
  • Skating: While not the fastest skater, his long strides help him move quickly. He’ll benefit from adding muscle to his frame.

John Mustard, Forward – Chicago Blackhawks Third Round (67th overall) in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • John Mustard Scouting Report:
  • Skating Dynamo: Mustard’s high-energy style and exceptional skating set him apart. His speed allows him to win races for the puck, pressure opponents in transition, and create scoring chances.
  • Shot Strength: His shot is a weapon, combining power and quickness. Mustard’s goal-scoring potential is evident.
  • Areas for Growth: While he excels physically, his hockey sense and playmaking consistency need improvement. He occasionally chases the puck too much on the forecheck and in his own zone.
  • USHL Performance: As a rookie, Mustard led the Waterloo Black Hawks in goals and finished second in points. His 29 goals and 56 points ranked seventh among U18 players in the USHL.

AJ Spellacy, Forward – Chicago Blackhawks Third Round (72nd overall) in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • AJ Spellacy Scouting Report:
  • Speedster: Spellacy is arguably one of the fastest forwards in this year’s draft class. His acceleration and top speed make him a dynamic threat on the ice.
  • Physical Presence: With his 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame, Spellacy delivers bone-crushing hits. He’s not afraid to drop the gloves when needed.
  • Work Ethic: He earned the Jake Pollen Hardest Working Spitfire of the Year award in the OHL, exemplifying hard work and energy.
  • Offensive Upside: While his vision and playmaking abilities need improvement, Spellacy’s speed and penalty-killing prowess contribute to his offensive impact.

Jack Pridham, Forward – Chicago Blackhawks Third Round (92nd overall) in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • Jack Pridham Scouting Report:
  • Offensive Skills: Pridham’s smarts, determination, and puck possession abilities make him effective on the ice. He reads plays well, displays poise, and generates plays off the rush or in board battles.
  • Shot: His shot stands out—making himself open, getting into shooting lanes, and striking quickly. He maintains separation from opponents to remain a shooting threat.
  • Versatility: Pridham’s strong 200-foot game allows him to impact play away from the puck. He pressures puck carriers and can be a timely producer.
  • Playoff Performance: During the playoffs, he led his team in goals (8) and finished second in overall team scoring (11 points in 10 games).

Joel Svensson, Forward – Chicago Blackhawks Fifth Round (138th overall) in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • Joel Svensson Scouting Report:
  • Physical Attributes: Svensson is listed at 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighs 185 pounds (84 kg). He shoots right-handed.
  • Skating: His strength lies in his skating—quick and agile, which allows him to maneuver effectively on the ice.
  • Offensive Potential: While there’s limited information available, his package suggests offensive potential.

Ty Henry, Defenseman – Chicago Blackhawks Sixth Round (163rd overall) in the 2024 NHL Draft.

  • Ty Henry Scouting Report:
  • Defensive Skills: Ty excels in subtle aspects of the game. His small-area plays contribute to defensive zone exits, and he effectively kills plays by gapping up and blocking shots.
  • Physicality: He’s strong and pushes back in tough areas. His solid skating, especially on straight lines, allows him to move up and down the ice.
  • Offensive Potential: Despite not producing much offense, Ty can move the play from his zone and launch attacks via outlets. He occasionally directs pucks on net from the offensive blue line.

This is the first time in 48 years an NHL team has had such a run of selecting eight first-round players in the draft over the last three years.

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